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Powerhouse Athletics offers the best training in competitive cheerleading, dance and tumbling.  We also host the best birthday parties around.  We pride ourselves in maintaining a level of excellence as the standard regarding our coaches, facility, equipment, training and ethics. We offer a structured and positive training environment and treat all athletes and their families like they are OUR family!

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There are so many reasons, but here are a few:

1.  We understand that every athlete is different.  Some learn visually, some learn audibly and all need a very detailed progressive ladder on which to learn.  Our training is designed to target every unique learning ability.  We don't simply tell our athletes how to do a skill, we give them the tools and understanding of how to get there.  Many athletes get frustrated because the mechanics of their skills are incorrect, therefore the skill is impossible to execute correctly.  We ensure each step of the progressional ladder is correct and understood, so there is a solid foundation on which to build elite skills.

2.  All-Star Cheer and Dance are high energized, progressive sports that build not only athleticism, but key growth points, such as confidence, poise and teamwork.  They develop more than the athlete, they develop the PERSON.  We teach life lessons that will benefit our athletes for the rest of their lives, such as good work ethic, responsibility, dedication, good sportsmanship, self-worth and respect.

3.  Our training is efficient, progressive and productive.  Our athletes come to work and improve their skills.  We create the environment to make this happen.  We primarily use "station training", where stations are designed and set up to progress skills, work key muscles, and minimize wait time, so that athletes are constantly at work - not standing around waiting in lines.

4.  Positive reinforcement is key.  We don't believe in false praise, but when an athlete performs to the best of his or her ability, we let them know they have accomplished something great.  Helping our athletes believe in themselves and their abilities fuels their desire to progress.  We also balance negative reinforcement in a manner that is productive but doesn't deflate the athlete. 

5.  Our staff is consistent with spotting, training methods and instruction.  We teach all skills the same way and with the same detail, so that progressions are consistent and uniform.

6.  We maintain a top-notch facility equipped with the best training equipment and tools necessary for the best possible training process.  All training equipment is maintained and sanitized regularly for the benefit of our athletes.

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"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand,

and the determination that whether we win or lose,

we will have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."

Vince Lombardi

721 EAST IL HWY 15
 MT. VERNON, IL 62864
 (We are conveniently located approximately 1 mile west of the Mt. Vernon Airport in the FloGas Propane Business Complex)

Phone:  618-244-3363

  E-mail: powerhouseathletics@hotmail.com

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